At Sohini Sangeet Academy, playing Sitar or tabla does not remain a mystery or a difficult technique that it appears to be. This is because both Sitar and Tabla are taught in the authentic traditional styles. In Tabla, stroke techniques, recitation of ‘bol’s and theory of rhythm are taught. The students who are new to Tabla can learn from the basics, while those who already have some exposure or some basic skills, can get advanced training. In Sitar, playing in Sitarkhani style, Gamak, Krintan, Jamjama, Meend, and Jhala are explained. Individual lessons address each student’s specific needs. Everyone learns at a different pace so private lessons are designed for each student. Students are taught in a friendly environment giving them a comfortable learning atmosphere. Teacher to student lineage is an integral part of traditional study methods as is teaching the correct technique and correct practice in the traditional style. Adding to the Academy’s popularity, are the various workshops arranged by Sohini Sangeet Academy. 

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