Pt. Pathak established Sohini Sangeet Academy in Sacramento, California, to educate students, in his Guru Shishya Parampara tradition at the highest level.  Sohini Sangeet Academy is offering private classes in North Indian Classical since 2008.  Individual lessons are personally designed by the Guru to meet each student’s individual needs.

Sohini Sangeet Academy  has been imparting quality training in singing, playing sitar and tabla to students of various age groups for the last 10 years. Today, Sohini Sangeet Academy is the most recognized music academy in Sacramento. Students of the Academy are immensely benefited from the quality of training and the atmosphere of  the “Guru Shishya” tradition that Sohini Sangeet Academy offers. 

Sohini Sangeet Academy was soon joined by a few enthusiasts who were looking for  teacher in and around Bay area most of them from sacramento and Folsom . The traditional “Guru-Shishya” style of teaching became popular with the students and with a favourable word of mouth, the tribe started growing. Today, Sohini Sangeet Academy is the most recognized Classical Music class in Sacramento.

The school offers opportunities for their students to participate in local events and competitions to get a firsthand experience of performing on stage. Sohini Sangeet Academy offers a choice of one on one training as well as training through online classes. Students have benefited by traditional as well as innovative methods of training that Sohini Sangeet Academy offers. Pt Binay Pathak, who is an accomplished Vocalist, Sitar and Tabla player is also a well-known Harmonium accompanist. Pt. Pathak brings his passion for Music to his classes and is personally involved in the activities of the Music Academy.